Bela Bartok – Mikrokosmos 6 & other piano music – Cedric Tiberghien (2016) [Official Digital Download 24bit/96kHz]

Bela Bartok – Mikrokosmos 6 & other piano music – Cedric Tiberghien (2016)
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/96 kHz | Time – 01:17:30 minutes | 1,13 GB | Genre: Classical
Studio Master, Official Digital Download – Source: hyperion-records | Digital Booklet | © Hyperion Records
Recorded: November 2014, Henry Wood Hall, London, United Kingdom

The remarkably gifted French pianist Cédric Tiberghien turns to the music of Béla Bartók in a wide-ranging programme including the famous Op 14 Suite and the sixth (and final—most ferocious in its technical demands) book of the Mikrokosmos project.

French pianist Cédric Tiberghien has an expressive way with Bartók. Even in music that often uses the piano as a percussive instrument, his attack is never angular or dry; instead, it’s warm, personal and spacious, with a flux to the rhythms that sounds totally organic. Why have I never noticed so many gorgeous impressionistic colours in the Opus 14 Suite? Clearly, they’re there for the taking in the hands of the right pianist. And crucially, in a collection of miniatures—this disc contains 43 tiny pieces averaging a minute or two each—Tiberghien is capable of magicking up vivid character within seconds. He makes shapely sense of the twisting counterpoint in the Barcarolla of the Out of Doors suite and creates an intensely clammy stillness in The Night’s Music. He turns the Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs into muscular little vignettes, the vivacious third Burlesque into a perfect Debussy-esque shimmer, and finds huge personality in every corner of the fiendish last book of Mikrokosmos. –Kate Molleson, The Guardian

Béla Bartók (1881-1945)
Suite Sz62 Op 14
1 Allegretto[2’13]2 Scherzo[1’57]3 Allegro molto[2’11]4 Sostenuto[3’44]Out of doors Sz81
5 No 1, With drums and pipes: Pesante[2’01]6 No 2, Barcarolla: Andante[2’31]7 No 3, Musettes: Moderato[3’12]8 No 4, The night’s music: Lento[5’26]9 No 5, The chase: Presto[2’12]Fifteen Hungarian peasant songs Sz71
10 No 1 Old tune No 1: Rubato[1’02]11 No 2 Old tune No 2: Andante[2’02]12 No 3 Old tune No 3: Poco rubato[0’46]13 No 4 Old tune No 4: Andante[0’36]14 No 5 Scherzo: Allegro[0’57]15 No 6 Ballad (Theme with variations): Andante[3’18]16 No 7 Old dance tune No 1: Allegro[0’45]17 No 8 Old dance tune No 2: Allegretto[0’42]18 No 9 Old dance tune No 3: Allegretto[0’16]19 No 10 Old dance tune No 4: L’istesso tempo[0’31]20 No 11 Old dance tune No 5: Assai moderato[0’46]21 No 12 Old dance tune No 6: Allegretto[0’29]22 No 13 Old dance tune No 7: Poco più vivo – Allegretto[0’33]23 No 14 Old dance tune No 8: Allegro[0’30]24 No 15 Old dance tune No 9: Allegro[1’34]Three Burlesques Sz47 Op 8c
25 No 1, Quarrel: Presto[2’20]26 No 2, A bit drunk: Allegretto[2’53]27 No 3: Molto vivo, capriccioso[3’00]Mikrokosmos Sz107
28 Book 6 No 140, Free variations: Allegro molto[1’53]29 Book 6 No 141, Subject and reflection: Allegro[1’11]30 Book 6 No 142, From the diary of a fly: Allegro[1’32]31 Book 6 No 143, Divided arpeggios: Andante[2’36]32 Book 6 No 144, Minor seconds, major sevenths: Molto adagio, mesto[4’56]33 Book 6 No 145, Chromatic invention IIIa: Allegro[1’11]34 Book 6 No 146, Chromatic invention IIIb: Allegro[1’08]35 Book 6 No 147, Chromatic invention IIIc: Allegro[1’10]36 Book 6 No 148, Ostinato: Vivacissimo[2’18]37 Book 6 No 149, March: Allegro[1’50]38 Book 6 No 150, Dance in Bulgarian Rhythm No 1: Tempo = 350[2’15]39 Book 6 No 151, Dance in Bulgarian Rhythm No 2: Tempo = 60[1’08]40 Book 6 No 152, Dance in Bulgarian Rhythm No 3: Tempo = 80[1’16]41 Book 6 No 153, Dance in Bulgarian Rhythm No 4: Tempo = 50[1’33]42 Book 6 No 154, Dance in Bulgarian Rhythm No 5: Tempo = 40[1’10]43 Book 6 No 155, Dance in Bulgarian Rhythm No 6: Tempo = 56[1’56]

Cédric Tiberghien, piano